Survivors Voices

“For the first time in my life I felt supported & understood. I didn’t need to explain, I could be me”

survivors in the centre

Survivors Voices is run by and for adult survivors of abuse, trauma and violence and those who support them. We are a small organisation with a big vision. We long for a society where adult survivors of abuse and trauma are able to get the acknowledgement, support and skilled help they need to rebuild their lives. We imagine a society where those who support people living with the aftermath of abuse act with keen awareness of power dynamics within ‘helping relationships’ so that such relationships are empowering to survivors and support rather than hinder recovery.

Our vision is to foster a ‘survivor-sensitive-survivor-empowering’ approach from individuals and organisations who offer services to survivors and from those who create knowledge, evidence and policies that affect abuse survivors.

We aim to champion the voice of survivors in research, public policy and practice and to encourage safe and enlightened self-help, ‘psychoeducation’ and peer support. All our activities fall within three strands of work:
jpeg(4)Survivor-led research and policy work to address the need for survivor’s voices in academic research, public policy and practice and to create psychoeducation materials to guide survivors in making informed choices about their own recovery.

Survivor-led training and consultancy to help organisations and professionals develop and deliver trauma-informed and survivor-sensitive services.
jpeg(1)Survivor-led creative projects, self-help and peer-led initiatives including our bi-annual self-help gathering, our private online peer-support group and initiatives such as exploring the role of creative expression and spirituality in trauma recovery.

We have a dedicated website with information and resources for survivors and their supporters, including details of all our activities. We have a private Facebook group run by volunteers and offer an annual programme of events for survivors, supporters and professionals. For further information please visit the Survivors Voices website.

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