‘Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.’ Marianne Williams

Transform your life, your community, our world with Reshapers.

Tree of LifeSpace to be, to feel & to grow

Come to the Tree of Life to harvest opportunities for creativity, spiritual growth and transformation. Read about us on the Tree of Life page. Find our resources in the Reshapers Shop.

Survivors Voices

Survivors Voices (formerly known as S:Vox) is our survivor-led organisation, promoting the voices of people who have experienced abuse, and their supporters. We offer resources and support for survivors and professionals to promote a survivor-centred and trauma-informed approach to recovery, research, policy and practice.  We also offer training & consultancy for organisations and professionals. Read about us on the Survivors Voices page.

Developing Spiritually

Developing Spiritually is our unique quality assured course for developing spiritual literacy. Complete the optional creative assessment activities and have your spiritual learning accredited through our quality assurance with Gateway Qualifications. Successfully piloted in secondary schools in partnership with Youthscape, the course is suitable for adults and young people from age 13, Contact us for more information.

Transformation Resources

Our favourite organisations and resources for personal and community transformation.

Coming soon…

On-line courses to help you transform yourself, your community, your world will be launched soon.