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Posted on 30th August 2013 in Learning, News, Transformation


Challenge Network

What a summer! I’ve spent a lot of time with some amazing young people on a national citizenship programme run by The Challenge Network. Together with 125 young people aged 16-17 (and a brilliant team of staff),  I’ve abseiled down cliffs, scrambled along boulders, got soaked and bruised gorge-walking, narrowly avoided food-poisoning as they learnt to cook, learnt new drama games and visited some brilliant community projects across London. I’ve built friendships, given lots of warnings, laughed and cried, sat in casualty, been frustrated, exhausted, happy, moved and inspired.

Our backgrounds were from the widest range of class, gender, ethnicity, culture and experience. Yet in the short time (16 days) we were together we became a strong community, learning to get along, supporting and encouraging each other (with a few dramas and disagreements on the way!) We shared our hopes and fears, our challenges and aspirations and our dreams for living in a better world. We were inspired by the community partners we visited to plan our own campaigns to change our little bit of the world. In the words of Barrack Obama, ‘We can have the courage to change.’

As the world agonises over what to do in Syria, and other places of conflict and suffering in this world, this was a great reminder that all of us hold the answer in our hands. One of my heroines, anthropologist Margaret Mead once said

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.

How are you changing our world? Share your challenges, ideas and achievements with us.


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