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Autumn Fires

Posted on 18th October 2012 in Craft, Creative Spirit, Creativity, Handmade home, Still Waters, Transformation

Boats on River Stour, John ConstableWe celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and the start of autumn last month with a walk and beach BBQ on the shores of the River Stour.  The name comes from the celtic sturr, meaning strong, and meandering along on its banks and waterways always gives me peace and strength.W  I love this beautiful river, which passes through Constable Country down to the North Sea. We live near the Suffolk shore along the tidal stretch, from Shotley up to Brantham.

beach art, recycled, eco-friendlyThe beaches from Holbrook to Erwarton are local favourites for walks and gatherings, and Tree of Life held our most recent Still Waters reflective walk along here – you can download the free booklet Ebb and Flow from our shop page.

We reflected on the ebb and flow of our lives, whether we are flowing with the tide or struggling against the current. We gathered flotsam and jetsam from the shore as we walked and shaped it into beach art as we shared our picnic. The combination of art, food and beaches is a special one and so was a natural choice for our anniversary weekend.

beach fire natural seasonalWe were blessed with sunshine as we walked and gathered driftwood ready for the evening chill. Sizzling sausages above the flames and baking chocolate bananas on hot stones…mmmm, doesn’t get any better! The combination of flames and sand reminded me of one of my favourite handmade home crafts, sand candles.

sand candle craft handmade naturalThese are easily made by making a candle-shaped mould in damp sand and then pouring in hot wax. The sand sticks to the wax as it sets, creating a raw and earthy style which I love. The wick can be inserted into the mould before you pour or added afterwards with a wicking needle.

sand candle lavender natural craft handmadeYou can embellish with dried flowers, seeds and nuts pressed into the side of the mould, which emerge from the wax as the candle burns down.  I like using lavender from the garden, adding a calming scent to the candle. You can also decorate by carving away areas of the sand to reveal the clean wax, although I  just enjoy the texture of the sandy skin.

Sandy candles are just one of the seasonal  crafts we have made in our Creative Spirit sessions. When I lead the sessions, I like to use materials that are natural, eco-friendly, recycled or re-shaped – its one of the ideas behind Reshapers name! The sand came from the beach, the wax was old candles melted down and the lavender from our garden. All I had to add was a wick and a little candle dye, from our local craft shop.

For some more fire and candle ideas, click the candle picture below for your free worksheet. We’ll be adding a worksheet or pattern to all our Creative blogs, so make sure you come back regularly for more ideas. sand candle craft handmade natural recycled


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