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Posted on 10th October 2012 in Breathing Space, News, Transformation, Tree of Life

Tree of Life’s recent harvest meditation session had a distinctly beany flavour. We tried different short meditations using all the senses and seeking a fair harvest for all. Somehow the answer seemed to involve beans! We learnt about magic beans from Guatemala, climbed to the top of Jack’s beanstalk and tested green beany dip made from runner beans picked fresh that morning. We got to know our own little runner bean seed and sowed red cabbage beans to sprout.

Holding a bean seed in my hand, it was amazing to think that in that tiny speckled seed was all the materials to create life, not just one more bean but a whole beanstalk of them. Anyone who has grown their own beans will know how fast and productive a beanstalk can be! In one of her revelations, the 14c mystic Julian of Norwich talked about seeing an object as small as a hazelnut in her hand and realising ‘it is all that is made.’ As everything in the garden and the fields around our home is harvested or turns to seed, everything of life is here, all that will be needed in the spring is rain and sun for each plant to renew and reproduce. Here is life in all its abundance.

Yet it is easy to feel I don’t have enough, life isn’t full and satisfying for me. I have been re-reading ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle and he says ‘the source of all abundance is not outside you. It is part of who you are.’ Just like our beans, it is there already but I need to cultivate it by allowing it to flow. To haveĀ  abundance I need to give it. If I feel the world isn’t generous to me, the solution is to be more generous to the world. If I suspect friends don’t give me enough love, I should love them more. The more we give, the more we receive.

A story from India about community farming reminded us that sharing abundance is a global as well as personal responsibility. We all buy fair trade goods already and talked about how we can also support local farmers by buying locally produced food. We are lucky living in rural Suffolk to be able to buy everything from bread and cheese to pork and potatoes from farmers markets, local food halls, roadside stalls and the farm gate. Check out Big Barn to find producers near you. Can you make the 30:30 pledge atĀ Campaign to Protect Rural England to source 30% of your food from within 30 miles from home?

We started practising abundant giving in little ways at the end of our harvest meditation. We found a recipe for seed bombs from the Guerilla Gardeners and planned where we could give away wild flowers into sparse verges. We planted little pots with sprouting seeds to give to a friend or neighbour, a little pot of abundance that hold all that is made.

You can download a free copy of our Fair Harvest booklet from the shop. We hope your abundance increases!


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